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A Mom’s Story of Hope Renewed

Ashley, Jordan, Jaiden, Jazmine and Jacoby

When I moved here from Florida, I had just left a bad relationship. I had 3 kids and was 8 months pregnant with my 4th.  I felt alone, lost and very broken. I was also homeless and had not had much prenatal care. It was then that I reached out to Safe Families for help. My kids needed a better environment as they had gone through enough. I needed help to regain my strength and I was very exhausted. Safe Families gave me and my children hope, support and a fresh start at life. Words can’t explain how blessed I was to have help in my time of need. They helped me get furniture, beds, toys, and everything for my new beginning. It makes me cry with joy when I think about how blessed I am and how far we have come.


During this time of need, Ashley was supported by three host families from three different Churches. All of these families continued to be available and build a relationship with her family. They provided play dates for the kids and even had them over for dinner on a couple of occasions. Ashley still has a continued relationship with the families and knows who to reach out to when she’s feeling alone. What a beautiful example of the Church working together to support a family during their time of need.