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Answering the Call to Serve



The Barone Family

Before we even moved to the Quad Cities, we knew the Lord was calling us to step into serving and loving on families. We weren’t sure what it was going to look like, but we heard of Safe Families and went to the classes and were excited about this organization. We dragged our feet for awhile until we knew that if we didn’t walk forward, we were being disobedient to what the Lord had called us to. We had our
first placement just over 3 years ago and with each child or family that we have met, we have realized that we actually can’t do this in our own strength, but our gracious Father can.

It has had challenging moments and also really sweet ones, but we are reminded every time of how desperately we all need Jesus. Each child has certainly blessed our family more than we have theirs. Our kids have absolutely loved having children in our home and it is so fun to see their hearts grow to love these kids and pray for them. We love the opportunity we have to come alongside theses families as more
than a host home, but as a support system and our church family has been a huge support to us. Partnering with Safe Families has been a joy for our family and is a really practical way we can live out the gospel.