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The Time Is Now

During the month of August, we received a call from the police department on the Illinois side of the river regarding a referral for a woman escaping a domestic violence situation. Her fear had pushed her to relocate 5 hours from home into the QC Area with no place to stay, no family or friends, and no phone.

A week later another call was received for this same mom from another referral source this time from the Iowa side of the river.  This mom was now experiencing a significant medical emergency and was now in a position of not being able to care for her children and she did not know who would be able to in this new area.

An emergency request was sent to our volunteers to host 2 children while this mom received medical care.  During the days following, extended family were reached and they were relieved to hear the children were safe.  They had been looking for this mom and her children and had no idea how far from her home town she had made it.  The children were reunited with the family the next day and together,  after mom was released from the hospital,  they returned to their home state.

If it wasn’t for our volunteers responding as quickly as they did, this story could have ended very differently.  We are so grateful for their servant hearts and swift action.   With schools opening back up but then changing how learning will occur, this is presenting it’s own challenges not only to you and your own family but to those families who may be at a greater disadvantage. Lives are being changed daily and now is the time to get involved and serve our community.