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A Volunteer’s Prospective to the Why!

When did you get in involved with Safe Families and why? We joined the mission of Safe Families in 2016 as a host family because we love Jesus Christ and want to love others as He has loved us. He made it His chief business to extend compassion, offering Himself to all who felt their need of Him.

How do you see God show up in your life when volunteering with Safe Families? When we look into a weary mother’s eyes or watch a hypersensitive child cry out for help with his behavior, the Spirit reminds us of who we were was before He intervened. Welcoming the weary and heavy laden, binding up their wounds…it’s teaching our whole family humility and gratefulness.

What would you say to someone who is considering volunteering or even jumping into a different volunteer role? Do you love the Lord with all your heart, with all your soul & with all your mind? Then love your neighbor as yourself, trusting Him in your obedience.

What you love to do with children you‘re hosting?

We love to take them to the zoo. It’s a wide open space where they can feel safe & free to follow their natural instincts to explore and wonder. Children who’ve experienced trauma have minds that don’t allow them to be children, so we try to pack in as much childishness as we can!